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Do Animals Need A Purpose?

In my book, The Infinite Bond, I wrote about my first Arabian horse, Tysheyn, and his willingness to always give his best despite the harsh training he had been exposed to before I acquired him. This lovely chestnut-colored gelding had an unbelievable work ethic, never tiring or refusing to do...


Stormy’s Emotional Release

In my book, The Infinite Bond, Stormy Bey, our remaining Arabian gelding, suffered a significant time of depression and sadness after his other two best buddies died within twenty-four hours of each other. Stormy lost weight, had a poor appetite, and his haircoat became dull and dry. ...


What You Think About, You Bring About

I may be on a little bit of a soapbox today, but bear with me. What you think about, you bring about. Ever think about that statement? What does it mean? How does that apply to your everyday living, your relationships, and your health? Think about it for a minute. You wake up with a...


Do Animals Really Have Feelings?

How many of you really believe your animals can experience grief? Or do you believe animals don’t possess the ability to express feelings and emotions? I’m here to tell you they do. I’ve been a practicing veterinarian for over twenty-three years. When I was in veterinary school, we were...


The Infinite Bond: A true story of love and loss between three beautiful horses

As a veterinarian who has witnessed many special connections between animals, I wrote The Infinite Bond after experiencing my own three horses’ unique emotional relationship with each other. Through their years of playing, eating, mock fighting, and being ridden together, the three “boys”...