Feeling frustrated because you just can't get the answers you're searching for when your animals are sick or injured?

Are you concerned because you've spent a small fortune at your veterinarian's office and your dog, cat, or horse is still not well? Is your heart breaking because you think there's nowhere else to turn?

Booking a one-on-one comprehensive consultation with Dr. Fox will help you understand what your animal friend needs in order for recovery and why conventional medicine has its limitations. Dr. Fox will do an in-depth review of your animal's medical records, vaccine schedule, detailed diet information, medications, drugs, and supplements you're presently giving, and will put together a natural, holistic-based protocol.

Since an animal that is suffering from chronic disease did not get ill overnight, it will not heal overnight. The body needs to regain balance over time, and this is where products and therapies from Nature shine.

Reducing chemicals, medications, drugs, and other toxic products your animals are subjected to is the basis for holistic healing. Dr. Fox takes a very individualized approach to choosing your animal's protocol rather than prescribing a "one size fits all" approach.

You'll be working with Dr. Fox (not a receptionist or nurse) from the very beginning, so she can get to know you and your goals for your animal's health and wellbeing before your initial phone call.

To get started, sign up for your first coaching session with Dr. Fox by clicking on the "Purchase Consulting Package Now" button below. Your precious animals deserve it!


Holistic Veterinary Consultation

One-on-one consulting package including two FREE 15-minute followup calls pertaining to the original health issue.

A comprehensive, holistic veterinary consultation includes discussion of the following:

  • detailed nutrition information such as type, brand of food, and treats
  • current or past medications or supplements you’ve given
  • vaccinations your pet has received
  • chemicals your animal has been exposed to, including flea / tick / heartworm preventatives; household cleaning, yard/garden products
  • past medical history, including injuries or other traumas
  • emotional considerations (grief, re-homing, abandonment, etc.), compatibility with family members and other animals in the household

Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one animal be included in a consultation?

Due to the unique differences between animals, a consultation is directed toward one animal only. If you have two animals with similar issues, you can apply the recommendations and advice to both animals.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing your consult, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time(s) via this website.

Can I purchase more than one consult?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of more help beyond the initial consultation and two free follow-up sessions, simply purchase the consult again.