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Greetings from Dr. Barb Fox!

You're here because you want reassurance that you're doing everything possible for your animals to make sure they live long, happy, and healthy lives. You want the best because you love your furry kids and want to keep them around forever.

My job (and my passion!) is to provide you with the tools and education you need to assure that your dog, kitty, or horse gets everything he or she needs to prosper well into their senior years. By using products and therapies that are designed by nature, your animals will have the greatest advantage for longevity and vitality.

I work with pet parents and horse owners one-on-one by customizing a plan for wellness, or recovery from illness or injury. With the use of telemedicine (online and phone consultations), I can work with you, no matter where you live.

If you want to find out if we would be a good "fit", feel free to call or text me at 563-380-0983 and we can set up a brief session to discuss your animal's situation and what you want to accomplish. We can then set up a formal coaching session where we'll dive into more details.

Dr. Barb

Whether you have horses, dogs, or cats, Dr. Fox will put her expertise to work in creating a customized health plan for your animals. She will also travel to your area to conduct holistic health workshops. Call 563-380-0983 for more information.


Are you searching for a holistic practitioner to come to your area and teach a one or two-day workshop?

The truth about conventional medicine is something Dr. Fox feels very passionate about - our animals are being harmed by harsh chemicals in flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives, drugs/medications, and certain therapies - and they have no voice to let their humans know how they feel physically when a product is administered that may have a deleterious effect on them.

Incorporating holistic care offers safe and non-invasive methods to strengthen the immune system so that many of the pharmaceuticals are never needed. Dr. Fox believes by empowering the humans to care for their animals as naturally as possible, the healthier and happier the animals will be!

She will travel to your location if you have holistic-minded pet or horse parents who want basic or advanced education in holistic animal care. Topics will vary depending on what your group desires. Topics she has covered include (but are not limited to) species-appropriate nutrition and dietary needs, supplementation to enhance the immune system, how therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used for physical and emotional wellbeing, mitigating negative effects of vaccinations, how to use applied kinesiology to "test" for food and products, and basics of animal communication.

Costs vary depending on the number of attendees, travel fees, and the length of the workshop(s).

Call Dr. Fox at 563-380-0983 or send an email to [email protected] for more information.


"Hawken" (pictured at two years of age) is a Shiloh Shepard who had repeated bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and nausea since he was a puppy. The owner had spent thousands of dollars in the emergency clinic and the U of MN's Veterinary Teaching College, but no solid answers to Hawken's condition were given. After Hawken's owner consulted with me, with a complete diet change and addition of supplements, Hawken made a full recovery and has not had any intestinal issues for over a year. Needless to say, his dog momma is very pleased with the positive changes.

"Hawken" and his dog momma, Peggy B.

From Jackie Kartak's social media post. This is "Phoebe", a Golden Retriever that started to fade away and was eventually diagnosed with lymphoma in 2020. I consulted with her when Phoebe was given a very poor prognosis (by her regular veterinarian) and developed an aggressive, customized recovery protocol using a variety of natural products:

"Almost 2 years ago, this beauty was diagnosed with cancer. The vet said she wouldn’t see snow but here we are…snow has come and gone and she’s still here living her best life.
I learned so much about raw dog food, essential oil infused whole food supplements, essential oils, probiotics, enzymes, and so much more to heal her.
A diagnosis doesn’t have to overtake you. It’s possible to rise above and she’s living proof of that."
Phoebe relaxing on Jackie's lap, content and comfortable

Here is Phoebe, resting comfortably on Jackie's lap after her challenge with lymphoma

"Joey" and her horse momma Megan Gesell, have an incredible story to share. Joey was diagnosed with Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis concurrently. These three tick diseases can cause major issues with many of the body systems, and are very difficult to recover from with conventional medications only. Megan scheduled several consultations with me, and I guided her through some very rough times with Joey. Eventually, with the additional of high quality supplements and medical-grade essential oils, the mare pulled through and made a full recovery.

Joey after her full recovery

Megan and Joey after Joey's full recovery


VibesUP Vibrational Frequency Products

VibesUP technology is a terrific way to deliver subtle, relaxing energy frequencies to your animals - and your human family as well.

The material used in the mats, wristbands, dog beds, back supports, etc. is made of thousands of tiny crystals and metals such as copper and silver embedded in a soft silicone mat material. When the material is prepared, it is put under pressure to create a "piezo" electrical field.

When applied to a specific part of the body, or a pet or person lays on a mat, the subtle energy may decrease mild discomfort, provide calming sensations, and may help dispel negative frequencies from "dirty" electricity and toxins.

Some of the more popular VibesUp products for pets are Earth Energy Mats, dog harnesses with Earth Energy Mat material, and comfy dog beds with Earth Energy Mats under a soft fleece covering.

To check out the entire line, and to watch a short information video about VibesUP and piezo energy, go to:


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